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How To Choose


How To Choose

If you are planning on traveling, or residing, internationally there are some things to think about when deciding what the best Expat Health Insurance or Travel Medical Insurance option is for you.


This is an important decision because you should feel safe and that you would be taken care of should the unfortunate and unexpected happen when you are traveling or living abroad.


You should have peace-of-mind that in an emergency situation you will have access to the best medical facilities available and insured peace of mind and protection against costs.


Below we have provided you with some things to think about when selecting an expat health insurance or travel medical insurance product, this list does not cover everything but serves to highlight some common situations that arise, and serve to make you think about your personal situation and anything.


(If you have a question about anything regarding expat health insurance or travel medical insurance, especially if it’s not listed below, please don’t hesitate to contact us for free advice.)


What to think about when selecting expat health insurance or travel medical insurance cover:


  • Make sure that you can be covered for your area/region of travel – and any other location visits you might be likely to make on your trip.
    • For example: you might be living internationally in France but if you take a weekend trip to Spain you need to check that you are covered. 


  • How long is the trip?
    • Is it a vacation/holiday?
    • Will you be living internationally for any period of time?

Who is it for?

  • Just you?
  • You and your family?
  • Your employees?
  • A group of students?


  • Make sure the underwriting terms of the plan meet your requirements:
    • Do you need cover for pre-existing conditions?
    • Are sporting activities covered?
    • Are you pregnant, or planning on becoming pregnant?


  • Is there an excess? If so what is it? (Excess is the amount you have to pay each time you make a claim) *Choosing an excess will lower your premium.


  • Make sure what you are paying for is relevant to your situation. You don’t want to be paying for a bunch of benefits you don’t even need.

Adequate Cover

  • Make sure you have the coverage you need – so you don’t get stuck in a situation where you need treatment for something that’s not covered.
    • This is particularly important in countries with national healthcare. In some situations you may be able to use the countries national healthcare but you would be required to follow those terms. If you wanted private treatment or didn’t want to wait for treatment (sometimes there is a wait for treatment on national healthcare) then you would need to make sure you have the right coverage in place.


  • If you need the coverage for the family make sure benefits cover all relevant eventualities for a ‘whole’ family.

Emergency Contact

  • What assistance provider is the point of contact in the case of an emergency?
  • Can they arrange for direct payment to the hospital or medical facility where you are being treated?


If you are a corporation looking to provide expat health insurance for employees abroad you need to consider:


  • How old are your employees?
  • If it’s a group – is there a wide range in ages?

Do they have families?

  • Will the families be living with them abroad? Visiting?
  • Ages of the family members?
  • Do any family members have a chronic condition or special circumstance?

Cultural considerations

  • Will there be any medical treatment needed that may not be available in the country they will be living in?
    • For example: Acupuncture is a recognized treatment in some locations and not others. If you have an employee that requires this treatment you might need to pay for additional plan options to ensure they are covered.

Benefits package

  • Generally, as an employer, you will want to make sure that the expat health insurance coverage is equivalent, or better than, what is provided in the benefits package to employees at the home office.


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