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GlobalSelect Group – Expat Health Insurance

This expat health insurance plan is best suited for internationally assigned employees, internationally stationed executives and local national employees, (can often include families/dependents)


GlobalSelect Group is designed specifically for Corporate Business and Groups to give them choice and flexibility to help meet their expatriate and international private medical insurance needs, wherever they choose to be covered in the world.

GlobalSelect Group offers one of the most comprehensive group expat health insurance options available.

This group option offers the same benefits and cover as GlobalSelect (for individuals & families) but with the added flexibility and discounts for employee groups and their dependents, such as:

WTTR Asia Expat Health Insurance GlobalSelect Group Brochure

  • Significant discounts off the equivalent ‘individual’ brochure retail rate (in most cases).
  • Employee groups can be as low as from 2 employees.
  • Ability to ‘mix & match’ covers, areas of cover and excess levels for groups of 10+ employees.
  • Ability to include virtually all local nationals within a group.
  • Ability to cover multiple offices and their staff (their families/dependents) in multiple locations on one expat health insurance plan.
  • No additional charge to pay monthly for groups of 25+ employees
  • Ability to transfer from any other approved domestic or international expat health insurance provider.



  • Free cover for the first child under 10 years of age – (for groups of under 25 employees) even if only one parent applies
  • Highly competitive choice of four sub-plans with many unique features and benefits
  • Choice of GBP, Euro and USD currencies for payment and nine medical excesses
  • Cover for virtually any nationality, living or working anywhere in the world (in most cases Home Country is included)
  • Plans fully portable within area of cover, plus freedom to choose any hospital, clinic or doctor anywhere within your chosen geographical area of cover
  • Optional 'add on' covers include Personal Accident Plan and/or Daily Indemnity Hospital Income Plan
  • 'Switch Terms' available to assist transfer from other provider's plans
  • Eligible charges for in-patient treatment will be paid direct to the hospital or provider in most cases
  • Affordable pricing with easy payment instalment options
  • 24-Hour Emergency Medical Helpline - helping you with medical emergencies and evacuations worldwide
  • Easy to apply - no medical examination required


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