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  International and Expat Health Insurance

     For Corporate Business and Groups

Corporate and Groups expat health insurance plans are designed to meet the needs of employers or employees who are stationed internationally, or who take multiple international business trips throughout the year. These expat health insurance plans are ideal for international executives/employees and business people.

As an international employer, it's important to provide the proper medical coverage for your employees as they are your most valuable asset. You want to ensure that they receive worldwide access to quality care, superior claims administration and the financial stability from an established leader in the international medical insurance field. You want and need to be able to retain and recruit top talent.

By choosing from IMG Europe's highly competitive expat health insurance plans and travel medical insurance specially designed for corporate business and groups - medical care overseas no longer needs to be a concern.


Benefits of Having Expat Health Insurance for Your Business or Employees

  • Protect your staff and their families at home and overseas
  • Protect your company and your staff financially by helping insure and protect against unforeseen medical costs
  • Access to quality healthcare means they can get treated sooner and often recover quicker
  • Less time off work and less cost in finding replacement staff to cover their duties while off work
  • Attract quality staff by offering quality international healthcare benefits
  • Combining your local, international and expatriate group healthcare costs can reduce your costs and simplify administration
  • International cover that is fully portable within their area of cover
  • Affordable premium with low excesses
  • Simplified plan administration without language or currency barriers
  • Medical management services and emergency assistance when it is most needed
  • International benefit packages that meet your needs regardless of your location or profession
  • Ability to transfer from another insurance provider to IMG Europe expat health insurance


Corporate and Group Expat Health Insurance Plans Available:

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Designed specifically for international and expatriate Corporate Business and Groups, to give them choice and flexibility to help meet their international private medical insurance needs, wherever they choose to be covered in the world. In many cases we can also provide cover for both local national employees and expatriates on the same plan.


Tailor Made Expat Health Insurance Cover

We will be pleased to design a plan to help meet your company's international and expat health insurance requirements and budget. We can tailor-make cover for your executives and employees as well as their dependents, wherever they are stationed in the world. We can even often cover your local nationals on the same plan, and we can provide a comparative quotation to switch to an IMG Europe expat health insurance plan if you have an existing healthcare arrangement. Contact Us about our Tailor Made Option.


Get a quote to transfer from your existing Expat Health Insurance Provider We can offer fast and flexible quotations for new groups. We can also offer a wide range of underwriting and transfer options to help smooth your transition of an existing group that may be insured with another domestic or international expat health insurance provider including:

  • Full Medical Underwriting
  • CPME (Continued Personal Medical Exclusions)
  • Medical History Disregarded (Contact Us for MHD checklist for existing groups of 10+ employees)


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