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International and Expat Health Insurance for Individual or Family

Expat health insurance plans provide seamless coverage for international citizens who are living or working abroad, travelling frequently between countries or maintaining multiple countries of residence. These insurance plans are annually renewable and they are optimal for individuals and families, expatriates, diplomats, and other international travellers.

Travelling, working or living abroad can be exciting but can also present unexpected obstacles and challenges. This is particularly so when it comes to accessing and paying for quality healthcare which you, and/or your family, expect and deserve. When you choose from IMG Europe’s wide range of highly competitive expat health insurance plans, and Travel Medical Insurance, specially designed for individuals and families - you can feel safe knowing your medical care need not be a concern.


Benefits of Having Expat Health Insurance for You and Your Family

  • Access to quality health care, where you choose to be insured, anywhere in the world
  • Peace of mind and protection for you and your family
  • 24-hour access and customer service anywhere in the world
  • 24-hour availability for emergency services and medical evacuation help lines
  • Full portability from country to country
  • Peace of mind in knowing that assistance is available whenever you need it
  • Many plans can provide cover for you at home and overseas, with a choice of having treatment back in your home country if you prefer


Expat Health Insurance Plans Available

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Flexible, long-term, annually renewable, low cost expat health insurance plan designed for expatriates and international citizens living or working abroad.


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Designed to give you the choice and flexibility to help meet your international and expatriate private medical insurance needs, wherever you choose to be covered in the world. Choose from an extensive range of cover options with many unique expat and international covers only available on this plan


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